Energy Efficiency Funding Available for Tribes

Jan 27, 2023 | Insights

The Department of Energy announced the availability of Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) funding for Indian tribes. Congress authorized a total of $550 million for states and tribes. Of this amount, 2 percent or $8 million was allocated to tribes. Tribes can use the funding to identify, develop, and implement energy efficiency projects that help minimize energy costs and generate additional economic development opportunities in their communities.

The EECBG formula establishes a minimum level of funding at $10,000 for each eligible Indian tribe. The formula then distributes the remaining funds via weighted factors set pro-rata to all eligible Indian tribes. The amounts allocated to each tribe are shown here.

The grant funds may be used towards various energy-efficiency projects such as weatherization initiatives, lighting retrofits, or renewable energy installations. These funds can also support research efforts or feasibility studies for identified projects. In addition, the funds can support activities related to capacity building, such as developing organizational structures or training personnel who will manage the project once it is implemented.

For Indian Tribes to receive the funding, they need to submit a plan through the EECBG application hub. All grant funds must be used within one year from when they were awarded. More information and plan templates can be found here.